Featured Location: St. Kitts
Sunset at Brimstone Hill Fortress in St Kitts.

The trip to St. Kitts is a must, on the depressurization tour for those of us who bounce between work, kids, little league, more work. You get the picture. Its an unhurried island, atypical of Caribbean vacations by the prompt delivery of creature comforts and amenities that we look for, accompanied by warm, genuine smiles from the residents of the island.

Featured Location: Cedar Point Amusement Park

The seat belt is buckled and padded bar comes down across our laps. With a metallic click, the coaster car slowly starts forward up to the starting line.

I’m staring at a yellow and red steel structure in front of me, a daunting 42 stories high. At that very moment the realization takes hold. I am not afraid of the rapid climb to the top of the 420-foot high metal structure.

Featured Location: Los Cabos
Fishing for Marlin and Tuna  in Cabo, Mexico

Its 5:32 AM and the ringing of the bedside phone has just extracted me from the sleep and dreams you only achieve while on vacation. Seconds later the knock on the door reinforced the wakeup call that suggested that it was time to grasp for a vertical existence.

The waiter wheeled in the breakfast cart, uncovered the plates of smoked salmon, an egg white omelet and toasted bagel. Still sleepwalking, I signed the bill, and the waiter bowed his way from the room, wishing me a good day of fishing.

Guess there’s no other reason to be awake in Los Cabos at 5:30 in the morning, unless you haven’t yet gone to sleep. And this morning I was going fishing with the pros, looking for the monster Marlin of Mexico.

Featured Location: Stunning India

Be prepared to be unprepared for the magic of Rajasthan. I’d read the guidebooks, gotten my shots and packed my bags. I thought I had prepared myself for India. Wrong. India was an assault on the senses from the minute my Cathay Pacific flight out of Hong Kong unloaded me at 1 a.m. into a [...]